Monday, November 2

Life is a Learning Process

It started out just like any other day.... except it's not every day that you have to get your parents to the airport.  Anyway, we had to get my parents to the airport for their 4pm flight to Portland, so that they can catch their 8pm flight back to Boise.  We arrived at BJ's or lunch at around 2pm, about 15min from the airport.  Though BJ's is some really, really really good food, they were just a little slow in getting us our food.  Still, it's the Eugene airport, how early do you have to be there to catch your flight?  Well, if you didn't know, you have to be there by 3:30 for the 4 o'clock flight.  Not 3:32, which was what my phone said as we walked up to the ticket counter.

After some debate, we decided that we could easily get to Portland in time to get them back to Boise, so, off to Portland we went.  We arrived in time to check baggage, say our good bye's and sure enough, get them on the flight back home.  We learned a few things that day.

  1. Never joke about missing a flight, it really isn't that funny when it all happens.
  2. BJ's is fantastic food, but if you have somewhere to go in the next couple of hours, do not order a calzone.  Fish tacos will work though.
  3. You have to be at the ticket counter at 30 minutes before the flight leaves, not 29 minutes.  (I might add that the ticket people in Portland were MUCH nicer than here in Eugene.  I'm not saying...I'm just saying)
Anyway it was finally time to send them home.....

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