Sunday, December 13

An Update

It has been such a long time since our last update, that Blogger is now different than when I posted here last... It has been a while huh?  We have had a great fall and now have moved into winterish weather as we await the arrival of winter time here on the house on a hill.  This last couple of weeks we have had a couple Christmas parties and a going away party for some close friends.

We had a wonderful thanksgiving down in Myrtle Creek and spent time connecting with awesome family.  Thank you Aunt Dorothy for hosting us.  Above is a picture of grandma great Weaver coming up to visit little Jude.  We have loved the incredible support of our family, thank you all!!!

AJ and Abi have both had birthday's lately.  As you can see, both are growing up to be very good looking kids.  We are so thankful everyday for such an awesome family.  We are more than blessed!

Have an awesome day!

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