Tuesday, March 26

A Healthier Me

I have to say that I have never viewed myself as I truly am, so frankly when I saw these pictures side by side, I was a little disturbed.  I have now come to grips with who I was... who am I kidding, I don't ever want to get there again!  So, I have begun the journey to learn to eat right, eat healthy and treat my body well.  Even in my plump state I put forth exercise... only to be followed with multiple cheeseburgers.  The extra work, only gave me permission to eat completely unhealthy.

I'm not finished, in fact I am learning some skills to help me maintain and only time will tell BUT I certainly know what I am up against now.

So, this picture shows me in January when I weighed approximately 242 lbs just days before I started the Take Shape for Life Program.  The picture on the right was taken last week when I weighed about 210 lbs.  My goal is 190... I'm hoping to be there by April 14th when my bride and I take a mini vacation.  I will most likely continue the weight loss after 190 but let's get there first.

I began to couple the Take Shape for Life program with P90X, though it's not necessarily suggested I am focusing a little resistance training to build some muscles in my shoulders and arms.  (which my wife deeply appreciates)  I will be working on trying to keep you posted on my continued journey.
I know, the green socks add so much to the photo(s) but let's get over the socks!

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