Tuesday, April 2

Post Easter Ugh

We had a great Easter this year as a church and as a family. Yet when it was all said and done i was pretty blah. I am never really happy it, it could of and should have been better. In fact when it boils down to it those thoughts are a poor reflection of how I view God. Like he would have been much happier had I done "better." What a fool I am.

So, in my funk I totally blew off my diet. Sure, I only ate one meal on Easter it just happened to last ALL day. Which by the way sent me into a deeper funk. I woke the next day to a condition I hadn't had since starting this diet thing. Gout. In a funk, indigestion and gouty.

Luckily for me, I am not a product of my environment. I am a product of an encouraging Savior who went to great lengths to spend an eternity with me. I think I lost that for a day or two and tried to rely on my own ambition and strength.

The Lord sent me a few encouraging moments today. I'm heading out of this funk.

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