Wednesday, April 17

A little Perspective

This last weekend was an awesome escape for my wife and I as well as an opportunity to really test my desire for staying healthy. I know that my big issue is portion control and fun. So, on this vacation I focused on eating right and not "cheating" as it were. In fact we ate out only once a day and packed for The rest of our meals. We spent a lot more meaningful hours shopping at the antique stores and walking the beach, then we did in food lines and recovery time in the room. I had an understanding of this but I proved that it is a lot more fun to be healthy and active rather than over-full and immobile. I still enjoyed a small portion of fish and chips and came back one pound lighter than when I left.

I have all but reached my "goal" weight. (I put that in quotes because I still have some handles to lose.) Now it is time to prove I can maintain and build some muscle in the process. I look forward to my summer plans, including old man soccer and many fun filled trips. I wake earlier and ready for the day.

Spiritually speaking I have a better grasp as Jesus being the bread of life. Food once equalled fuel, now I am comprehending that food is a joy. Food was once a barrier, now food is freedom. Food was once an escape and now I understand that food is a reflection of the Lords love for me, not fuel but blessing handled with self-control.

In life we have a tendency to show self-control in some areas and a lack of self-control in other areas. Some people have addictions to drugs, while others show little or no self-control in terms of movies or video games. Some struggle with controlling their time while others form addictions to drink or food. My wife sent me a thought today: a thought Paul is given by Jesus. "My grace is sufficient." A lack of self-control in any area of life is a lack of trust driven by fear. If you are like me, food was my escape, my stress release when I needed to turn to Jesus. In fact, lets face it, if I'm not careful I can replace one with another. Eating right and working out could become my escape instead of trusting the one who put all things in order.

The journey isn't as much about food as it is about learning to trust The Lord rather leaning on my own understanding and a double cheese burger with fries. May you find hope in your journey and learn to trust the Author of your Story.

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