Sunday, April 7

Still Working Through it All

I am hovering about 10 lbs above my goal weight, which is probably about 10 lbs above where my goal weight should be.  I am continuing to suffer the repercussions of the Easter eating fest I had.  I still am getting over gout, which gives me a ton of information about this issue I have.  I am have learned that eating properly controls the gout AND regardless of my weight, I can still get gout.  Being that it runs in my family it is apparent that I will not get over this simply by losing weight, it will be a fun battle I will fight throughout my life.

The last 2 weeks have been about the most stressful I have had in years.  The plus is, I am still losing weight throughout a very stressful beginning of the year.  In fact, the timing of this all has been perfect because had I not chosen to "take shape for life" I think instead of losing, I would have seriously gained, so for that I am very grateful.

I had hoped to be adding a good workout program by now, in fact I had started P90X about every other day (which turns it into P180X but who's counting).  I got through about a week of that, then the gout.  I haven't even played basketball in over a week and it's pretty frustrating.

I did have one huge success, I just bought for myself a pair of size 33 waist jeans.  33 waist!  I haven't worn a 33 waist since high school, frankly I didn't wear 33's then because it was cool to have huge pants... AND I wore a shirt I accidentally purchased a couple years ago that was WAY too small, now it's the only shirt I have that really fits.

Here is a great article and how we look at food instead of God:

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Dan Cameron said...

Wow! 33"'re wasting away to nothing! Nice to see your blog. Hi! to your good wife and all 12 kids!!
Dan Cameron