Thursday, April 3

The Earlywine's in Mexico (An Overview)

I have to say that it has been a while since my last blog posting, I realize it has been... almost to the day... a year.  Pretty crazy... I notice, as I look back, the journey that God has taken me on in my life, specifically the last the few years.  I have learned so much from others and experiences that seem to further solidify that God is at work in my life through many of you and a huge Thank you is what you deserve.  The 6th and Gibbs Church has remained an incredibly solid part of my life and your patience with me has been a blessing to say the least.

Last year I began to realize that my world, my theology and my experiences were pretty small and they all fit comfortably in boxes I designed for them.  As my family crossed the country for wedding in Nebraska I began to learn something about my self:  I needed to get out more.  My life's goals were so pathetically small compared to what I see God calling me for.  So, I called up a friend of mine and asked if we could tag along on his mission trip to Mexico the following year.  Let me be clear, I said WE.  I intended to make my ENTIRE family a part of this process.  Graciously, he agreed to bring along a couple 2 and 4 year old boys full energy and wildness!  

The Welcome sign for El Porvenir, our home for 7 days.
There are a couple reasons I find it important to bring my children.  First of all, I believe that families are created to share experiences and I couldn't imagine experiencing something so great that I would leave my children out of it.  Some would say I am crazy for bringing all my kids along, I say it's too rich of an experience not to!

There were a few people concerned about our safety in Mexico, with all of the stories about the Mexican Cartels and such.  I think we forget that we have plenty of mafia and gangs right in our back yard.  As Markus, the pastor of the El Porvenir church in Mexico said it, "In Mexico and America, if you go looking for trouble, you will find it."  We met a lot of people on our journey, many gracious and loving people who wave back with big smiles.  I even went for a 3 mile run along the outskirts of El Porvenir, it truly was a beautiful, quiet and serene run...

I do intend to blog about our experiences and share many stories of people and experiences I went through.  As I am still recovering and processing there is one thought that has driven me throughout this experience.  My American wealth is a blessing, not to be used selfishly but to be used as a blessing to others.  Away from it all, I didn't miss the internet, or my smart phone updating me constantly about the news; I didn't miss television or the other gadgets that steal my peace.  I didn't miss my bed all that much or any of my outdoor lawn furniture.  I was too busy.... not with busyness... but with relationships.  I think and I hope to show you that the lessons I learned from El Porvenir, didn't stay in El Porvenir, they are lessons I plan to apply in my hear and now.

Lesson #1:  EVERYTHING I have is a blessing to be used to bless others.  How can I use my time, my talents and my stuff to bless others?

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