Saturday, September 4

The WOE Fair

This year, our whole family got involved in the Cottage Grove Fair.  It was a lot fun and all the kids did there part and enjoyed a great time.  Cedar danced at the fair and helped to put on ballet classes for the South Lane Ballet company.  Karley put a chicken in the fair, won 1st prize for show and a 1st prize in the kid/animal parade.  Because we were moving into town, we cannot keep a rooster in town, so her rooster was purchased at the fair too.  All in all, that rooster earned her $20.  

Can you find AJ and Abi's cars?
Abi and AJ both entered the Awana Grand Prix.  AJ finished 10th overall and both had a blast!  I'll share with you some fun pictures of the weekend.

AJ Karley and all the kids looking on as the ballet dancers dance.
Here is Karley's chicken, a beautiful chicken!

Karley and her friends with their animals.

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